Know About Great Political Leaders in The World

The world has seen several great leaders and politicians who have won the heart of people. Political leaders in international politics are considered to be great when they come up with bold and strong decisions for the welfare of the people and the growth of a country. In most of the countries in the world, the right to choose the political leaders are bestowed on the hands of people. The following lists some of the great and influential political leaders all over the world. You would also know about the actual reasons for their popularity and fame in international politics.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru-First Prime Minister Of Free India

He is a popular political figure of independent India. He became the first Prime Minister of India after the end of the British rule in India. He worked hard for the freedom of the country. He is one of the influential political leaders in Indian and international politics. He is responsible for forming the planning commission of India. He worked on setting up a strong foundation for administration in the country. He is regarded as a secular and social leader.

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi-Father of Nation

He is called Mahatma Gandhi and father of the Indian nation as he played a significant role to fight for independence. He is known for his popular doctrine Ahimsa which is fighting for one’s right in a peaceful way. He is regarded as an activist and reformer who emphasized the importance of truth and honesty. He took an active part in the Indian Independence movement. He stood against all forms of racism. This made him a powerful and influential political leader in the world.

Abraham Lincoln-Successful President Of America

He was a great personality who led the country of America for the period 1861-1865. He exhibited his political prowess during the political crisis of the American Civil War. He was the sole leader to take efforts to end slavery in America. His perseverance and determination had made him a successful political figure He is widely known for his inspirational speeches.

Great Political Leader Of South Africa - Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela

He is a popular political leader in International politics. He ruled the country of South Africa in the period 1994-1999. He is known for its anti-apartheid revolutionary activities. He was the first elected representative of South Africa. His service for people suffering in poverty made him a leader loved by Blacks in South Africa and other countries. He is also rightly called as the Father of South Africa.

Che Guvera

He is a well known Argentine revolutionist who worked along with the leader of Cuba Fidel Castro. He played a key role in the Cuban revolution. He was a professional doctor and warfare leader.

Martin Luther King

He is a famous personality in the U.S.A who took an active part in the civil rights movement. He worked as spokesman of the civil rights movement from the year 1955-1968. He was inspired by the non-violence principles of Mahatma Gandhi. Thus he insisted on the principle of non-violence in all of his revolutionary activities. He also fought against racism that was prevalent in America against the Black people. He won the Nobel Prize for peace for righting racial inequality.

Alexander the Great

He was a great leader who belonged to the ancient Greek Kingdom. It is said that he was a powerful and young king who reigned from Greece to Egypt to India. He owned a powerful military. He was known for his courage and bravery. His greatness is rightly evident from his name Alexander the Great.

Indira Gandhi

She is a great woman political leader of India. She is the daughter of the former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. She served the country of India as a Prime Minister for about 11 years. She is known for her courage and boldness in coming up with political decisions during crisis situations. She is said to be the foundation for initiating the Green Revolution in India. She is also regarded as the greatest Prime Minister of the 19th century.
The above list some of the greatest leaders of international politics.

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