Top-Ranked and Powerful Politicians In The World

Most of the countries all around the world are headed by elected representatives. People possess the right to choose their leaders. The power of a Prime Minister or a President varies in different countries across the globe. In International politics, not all politicians in power are highly successful or regarded as great leaders. It is not easy to become great politicians with sincere efforts. Only a few of the politicians in the world seem to outperform others in leading their country in the right way. Politicians must also win the heart of people to become powerful politicians. Here is the list of the ten most influential and powerful political leaders in International politics. Their political service and the reason for their popularity is also discussed below.

Donald Trump-Most Influential Leader

This iconic person is the current President of America. He is a popular real estate business tycoon who worked really hard to become one of the candidates of the Presidential Election in the year 2016. He has also worked as a host of a popular television channel. In International politics, Trump is often regarded as a well known political leader. He gained popularity among the people of the U.S and even other countries. This is the reason that he tops the list of powerful politicians in the world.

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Xi Jinping-Known For His Political Reforms

The recent developments and growth of China are attributed to the President of China Xi Jinping. He is a powerful personality in International politics. He also leads the Communist Party in China. He gained popularity among the Chinese as he took some effective measures to prevent corruption in the country. The hard work and dedication of the leader have made him grab the second position in the list of powerful politicians.

Vladimir Putin-Strongest Person In International Politics

Vladimir Putin is serving as the President of Russia for nearly eight years. He is the third most powerful politician in International politics. He has also worked as the Prime Minister of Russia. He is a popular political figure who is known for his hard work and tiring efforts towards the growth of his country.

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi - Indian Prime Minister - Powerful Leader.

Narendra Modi is the current Prime Minister of India. He is a popular political figure in India. He proved to be a powerful politician as he became the Prime Minister of India for two successive terms in the year 2014 and 2019. He belonged to the BJP party and now leads the party. He is liked by people in India and all over the world for his political policies. He took serious efforts to bring in foreign investments to the country and thus became the fourth powerful political leader in international politics.

Shinzo Abe

He is one of the powerful politicians ruling the country of Japan for many years.

Theresa May

She is a bold and courageous woman who is working as the Prime Minister of the U.K. She is considered as a role model to international politics. This made her a popular political leader of international politics.

Benjamin Netanyahu

He served the country of Egypt as Prime Minister for nearly nine years. This is proof to know about his popularity and power.

Emmanuel Macron

He became the President of France at a young age. His talents and leadership qualities made him one of the top powerful political leaders in the world.

Mohamed Bin Salman

The youngest political leader in Saudi Arabia is currently serving as the defence minister of the country. His revolutionary decisions made him a popular political figure.

Angela Merkel

She is the current Chancellor of Germany who is known for her bold decisions in International politics. Thus she is regarded as one of the powerful politicians in the world.

The above lists the top powerful politicians of the world.

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