The Unpleasant Side Of International Politics

These days have been hard for everyone globally. It is sad to see the vultures lurking around, waiting to feed on whatever gets left behind. The President of the International Superpower, the United States of America, Mr Donald Trump has used this cover to deploy his sneaky plan.

The Coronavirus has the potential to kill thousands and infect millions. During this pandemic, where every street is empty, the President sees it as an opportunity to spearhead his tactics over innocent America. The dirty game in International politics refers to the jumps that one is ready to make during the chase of propaganda. It is significant to note that the time to enact these policies have been mistimed given the grave casualties and troubles the people are facing presently.

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Closing The Borders For Good

Countries are closing their borders and inhibiting foreign travel to the maximum. This is to contain the spread of the Coronavirus from entering the country. Trump has used this light to shine his plan of the border wall that he promised in 2016 during his campaign. It is sad to see international politics twisting the crisis at hand for self-gains and fame. This is the time to stay together while maintaining distance socially, staying at home and helping everyone in survival. Rather than dividing the already worried minds to be driven into worse conditions, it is best to wait until all get better before moving the blocks of diplomacy.

The wall between Mexico and the United States at the border might be a politically good move but now might not be the right time to create empathy or hatred among the minds of the scared population. The emergency declared regarding the COVID-19 situation has made Trump powerful enough to close all borders and keep the country away from any immigrants.

Group Of Doctors Getting Ready To Give Treatment For COVID-19 Patients.

Pocket Unfriendly Moves

For supporting businesses such as restaurants to get back on their feet after the outbreak, the United States President, Mr Donald Trump has decided to revive the tax deduction. This trick up in the International politics hat will now make things more expensive than before. It trickles down the entire economy and not just the top businesses. Customers would have to pay extra, including the taxes that cover each purchase. Trump’s move on reviving the tax refers to the business-related expenses on entertainment and meals that are offered by well to do restaurants.

Changing the court crew with people of interest is the politically cunning move that Trump has been pulling through this situation. When all of the world is worried about survival, it is of no doubt that survival instincts kick-in to the President as well. He decided to pull in fresh faces to the courts, and even ones with few years of knowledge. This looks like a double-edged sword but might be a move that will be beneficial to the presidency all the more.

Getting Ready To Wreck The Earth

The Trump government has decided to roll back a mileage standard rule that kept in check of the number and age of vehicles on the road. The new law encourages Americans to buy new cars and thereby increase pollution as well as expenses on the same probability. After the pandemic, although the sale of cars and usage of restaurants may be predicted to improve the economy, it can be said without a doubt that there will be dire consequences to these actions of International politics. Financially, ecologically and mentally it may affect the very earth that pushed its reset button in this year, 2020.

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