Similarities and Dissimilarities of International and Domestic Politics

When the talk is about International and Domestic Politics, one can weigh on the fact that the similarities are the same on both sides. Though the functioning route is different, it sure has the same destination. To help one understand the similarities and dissimilarities of International politics and Domestic politics, this article clearly classifies both the groups. They are as follows.

Similarities between International and Domestic Politics

As has been mentioned earlier, the similarities are the same and inter-related in both areas. Both have independent spheres and at the same time, important links are present on the two. It can also be defined as having the same nature and characteristics.

International politics struggle for power and so does domestic politics. Their variables are also similar. The national interest conflicts among the nations are the International political condition. Whereas the group interest conflicts are Domestic politics.

Since power plays a prime role in both the groups, it acts as an instrument for their own accomplishment. Both groups constantly struggle and fight for power. Hence, one can conclude that the International and Domestic politics have many common similarities.

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Dissimilarities of International and Domestic Politics

  • Domestic politics have non-sovereign actors and International politics have Sovereign actors – In the world of politics, the actors resemble the groups. The groups interact and act within the state environment. These are the non-sovereign actors. In the case of International politics, nation-states play the lead role. They are sovereign actors where they have no rule of law, except which they accept it voluntarily.
  • The difference in Role of Force – The role of force is limited in the Domestic politics world. The usage of power is limited and is used only in the most certain time, which is during the conflict-resolution. But in the case of International Politics, the role of force is direct, intense, and frequent. The nations often use their powers to impose their decisions and interests and do not hesitate to use even the military powers. There are more disagreements and disputes in International politics than compared to Domestic politics.

Internal violence and civil wars fall under Domestic politics. In International politics, aggressions, wars, coercive interference, interventions and reprisals are witnessed.

  • The difference in Legal Basis – The Domestic Policies works according to the state constitution and Municipal law. International politics follows international law which is not a strong and definite law.
  • Government Presence Vs. Absence of Government – Domestic politics is always under the surveillance of legitimate and constituted government. Power and policies are controlled and governed. In the case of international politics, the government body is absent. They are less controlled. Though the United Nations and International agencies are present to govern international politics, they are limited in power.
  • Boundaries of the Two – Domestic Politics are limited in their boundaries such as the state. They can work only under their space and cannot cross over it. International politics are highly dynamic and indefinite. The operation of international politics is the global environment.

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