How Donald Trump’s Presidency will hurt research funding?

Scientists are speculating that there will be a brain drain with many researchers who are non-Americans leaving the country post-Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States. There was a survey conducted which was participated by many academicians which said that Trump’s election would create an adverse effect on funding for the STEM. More than 50% are of the opinion that the President will hurt financing while a small portion said that he would be a positive impact, the rest said that there would be no difference.

President says STEM – No Priority

Press meet about STEM wherein he says no priority.As per experts from the Salesforce Training Institute, President Trump will not prioritise STEM in his government and is proven by the amount of money he has allocated to science and technology in his budget. Read this to know more .

Agency funding for Education

The White House released the budget this month and had seen major cuts in discretionary funding for agencies that put dollars into education. If the proposed budget is passed by the Congress, it can lead to significant financial implications for many universities and colleges across America. There is also a proposal for cutting back funding to National Institute Of Health, and that could majorly impact the higher education. It should be recorded here that a significant part of NIH’s budget provides a grant to more than 3 lakh researchers all over the country. Major universities like Johns Hopkins, Yale University, etc. can withstand this cut as it has many other portfolios and has better fundraising capacity. Hence can come to terms with it in a few years, but the same cannot be said about schools as they lack the financial resources and therefore will be in deep trouble.

Education is a stepping stone to success

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Defence Projects – Funds Increased

The Trump budget has proposed an increase in spending for defence related projects, but analysts are finding it difficult to tell if this increase will be beneficial to universities or not. Specific details are not yet known on how much is being allocated for National Science Foundation but it backs projects at colleges and universities. There is also concern raised by analysts about the removal of funding for the Endowment of Arts and Humanities. There are many schools that get funds from these organisations and grants funds for students. There is a huge concern among analysts that if the funds are stopped the students will lose interest in programs related to art and slowly they may disappear from the curriculum.

Brain Drain in Science & Tech

Brain Drain noticed in Tech and ScienceThere is brain drain expected in many areas of science and technology including biotechnology. Also as per some surveys conducted close to 47% said that scientists who did their higher education in the US are likely to move back to their country during Trump’s rule. People in the area of biotechnology are concerned that companies do not compromise on quality due to pressure. The spending cuts are happening at a time when higher education is seeing deficits in cash, and the proposed cuts will add to the pressure. If both state and the federal government cut costs, then there will be a major impact on research and development.

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