Political Division over the Coronavirus

Coronavirus and the political division

When we look at international politics, the democrats and republicans have completely different opinions about the coronavirus. The coronavirus epidemic has urged calls for national harmony with officials advising people to safeguard each other by staying home, avoiding crowds as much as possible, and keeping hands clean.

However, in several features of contemporary American life, it has been found that politics is separating the country. Be it the reaction of local and state governments handling the virus threat or individual views of the virus threat.

Survey results about the steps taken by the government

Recently, a PEW research study has determined certain divisions between Republicans and Democrats. About 33 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of Democrats were calling the coronavirus a major danger to the United States health. The epidemiologists and medical experts have already warned that coronavirus may affect millions and millions of Americans irrespective of state or political party.

The same survey revealed that more than 12 percent of Democrats trust that Donald Trump is performing a good job managing the crisis. In the same way, another set of 23 percent trust that Vice President, Mike Pence is performing a very good job in the present scenario.

Republicans seem to be more generous as 82 percent have commented that Trump is performing a somewhat very good job. They have given 78% support to Pence for his performance in the present coronavirus crisis.

The Civiqs director- Drew Linzer has commented that the government is handling the situation by planning day and night. Out of 10 democrats, 9 were not happy with the actions and steps taken by the government, and 85 percent of Republicans seemed to be happy with the steps taken and executed.

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How well the officials are handling the scenario?

The polling has demonstrated increasing concern since the coronavirus crisis has deteriorated. The trend lines are flat or same for both republicans and democrats. They have expressed their views as per the coronavirus illness seriousness and how Trump’s government has been managing it.

Localities and states themselves are expressing a rift with blue states and cities shifting more quickly and more aggressively than the conservative communities. For instance, Andrew Cuomo who is the Democratic Governor of New York has taken several steps like banning social gatherings of fifty or more members, etc. Recently, he has ordered businesses to allow 50% of the employees to work from home. The governor of Washington, who is a Democrat has ordered a complete shutdown of restaurants and bars in the state.

Kevin Stitt – Governor of Oklahoma and a republican has posted a picture on social media, tweeting that he and his family would continue to go out to dinner even at this coronavirus crisis. Other red states in the US have started to tighten restrictions to sort out the scenario. Blue cities and states are first to get affected by a coronavirus. So, it is the main reason these affected areas were the first to take action. However, some plans have gotten affected due to the political conflict.

Trump who has been referring to coronavirus as Chinese Virus told that it has been transferred from China and it is not racist at all.

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