2020 Global Issue Watch list

Long gone is the year 2019, and now the word is getting ready to start fresh in 2020. Before the world could even start 2020 with a fresh and positive note, it already threw some big challenges. The challenges that we are facing are critical and are affecting all cross the borders. The international cooperation support is precise when what is needed the most is the robust collaboration. Right from encouraging climate change to avoiding conflicts between nations, the world must come together to present itself as an equal and fair society.

2020 is the year to put all the conflicts, challenges, and issues aside and embrace the opportunities in international politics. Read on to know what is most needed in this hour of 2020.

1. Accelerated Climate Action?

It has been proved that in the past few decades, the climate has been the warmest recorded. With deadly wildfires, extreme weather conditions, hurricanes, migration because of climatic change, melting ice caps, hunger, and a rise in sea level, the world is witnessing survival risk. This may affect the ecosystem and may also cause it to become extinct thereby affecting every being present on earth.

This disaster can be controlled thereby avoiding catastrophe. With delay already in the chart, global emissions must be halved at the earliest. With a minimum of 7.6% emission cut every single year, the warning can be limited for up to 1.5 degrees by the next 10 years.

The United Nation Climate Action Summit has also provided a guideline to curb and control these disasters. If the nations fail to follow the UN guidelines, it could present a negative effect with no time for healing. The countries must come together and protect their survival planet by following a strict emission control. The world must come together and preserve and protect the natural environment, encourage diverse and strong leadership from regional bodies and government and private sector, individual actions must be supported, and more.

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2. Delivering SDGs

2020 starts the ten-year countdown of delivering SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals. It is a very important year for ensuring financing, policies, and ambitions. These goals must align so that it successfully reaches the year 2030. The starting four years will witness new coalitions, commitments, and approaches from the developing and developed world governments.

These show the clear goal of 2020 for a more prosperous and sustainable world for the coming generation. This can be made sure by checking out the poverty rate, mortality rate, health, and other similar issues.

3. Inequality and Exclusion in Focus

The gravest issue the world faces today is inequality. It affects every part of the community which includes the climate, development, and peace of the global community.

This inequality issue has been very well classified by the United Nations. It says that the development progress of 20% was cut off in recent years because of the unequal distribution of health, education, and living standard. The inequality also shows that women may take more than 100 years to be equal to men of the same knowledge and talent.

These issues can be resolved by giving out more opportunities to the less deserving sectors. One must first classify and understand the inequality affected group and must then be given equal opportunities. This way, it will lead to better future success.

Crisis - Peace and Humanitarian Response - A Crisis For Our Nation.

4. Crises – Conflict, Peace and Humanitarian Response

2020 is marked as the 9th anniversary of the Syria war and fifth for Yemen. The largest and underfunded refugee crisis in Venezuela. Violent crimes and lethal violence are rising every single day and have affected every corner of the world. This has also led to geopolitical strife and interstate conflicts.

According to the Global Humanitarian Report 2020, every 45 people need protection and help. These figures must be taken seriously for it will affect the SDGs challenges and other developments.

5. A World in Unity?

2020 must be marked as the year of equitability, sustainability, and protection. The UN this year marks its 75th anniversary and offers a moment to other nations to reflect on itself. It urges the entire nation to work together and build a strong word for the future generation.

The UN is looking for solutions, ideas, partnerships, and approaches to build a better world and also encourages nations to join hands in making the world free of violence and war.

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