Changing Landscape of Indian Politics

Don’t Let Your Thoughts Get Coerced

Politics in India has never been as dynamic as it is today. Use of social media and digital platforms in election campaigns has been revolutionary. Politicians attempting to communicate with the public using these mediums was unheard of in the times of yore. However, the evolution, despite being mostly positive, has also posed some threats which must be dealt with accordingly.

Questionable ethics

Media is said to be the fourth pillar of democracy because of its ability to influence plant the seed of ideas. Hence, impartiality, transparency, and professionalism must be omnipresent in the modus operandi of all media houses. All of these are subjective terms with a wide variety of interpretations. It would be reasonably accurate to say that none of the rational definitions of these terms can be attributed to any feature of most media houses.

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Social media

Social media journalism has assumed substantial importance over the past half-decade. Unfortunately, it has become a potent tool for rumourmongers to fulfill their ulterior motives. Spreading fake news has become easier than ever before. These rumors have impacted numerous decisions of the public at large.

Literacy versus education

In India’s context, literacy has been on the rise, but quality education is still a dream that needs to be fulfilled. As a result, a considerable section of social media users does not have the ability to distinguish between reliable sources of information and fake news. So, they quickly fall prey to these misguided acts and intentions.

Vote bank politics

Traditionally, segmentation and division have been powerful tools in the hands of the people in high places. Polarization of votes based on religious, communal, caste, and regional identities continue unabashedly. India stands divided. It is one of the gravest paradoxes that the most magnificent culture of all times, the culture which popularized the concept of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’- the world is my family has secluded its citizens.

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