The Political Deadlock In Lenya

This year is expected to bring about sea changes in the political arena. Every day there is significant news that shocks us all. People must follow World Political News as it can be a pretty exciting year for reforms and policies. As per the World News last year, Kenya’s election that happened last year in 2017 is going through a political deadlock. Citizens of Kenya turned up in large numbers to vote for their leader of choice Elections can be pretty unpredictable no matter which country you live in. So happened in Kenya when the election took a turn nobody thought of. There happened to an interference with the electoral integrity during the election.

Mr. Christopher Chege Mando who was going to present about the preparedness of the election commission for conducting fair practices was murdered just the night before he was going to show his views Many speculations arose after his death conflicting political scenario in Kenya. This is not the only death that took place in Kenya in the election season; there were others too. Like, General Nkaisseri was found dead in mysterious circumstances. Amidst the clouds of sadness were again faced with enthusiasm and fear at the same time.

At that time the Jubilee party was in political prowess in Kenya. It had to face off NASA coalition for defending its position in power. Even after those deaths and a lot of effort to ensure fair election practices, there were a lot of speculations going on in the 2017 election. There were printing of fake ballot paper as claimed by many, plus there was unregulated procurement of ballot papers by companies. The ballot print material was under question. The announcement of the final results post-election was delayed for some reasons. However, when the results were out, it was said that President Uhuru won with significant numbers over the candidate from NASA that is Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga.

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The EU team did not express their view on the election and reserved the reports. Later the Rt. Hon. Raila angrily rejected the election results and denied from recognizing his competitor as the sole winner. There were open claims about manipulation in the election results from computer servers. The entire nation went into a panic mode after hearing his statements about the election. Later after a lot of unrest, the court in Kenya declared the results as null and void. The IEBC was asked to organize fresh elections with all fair means within sixty days.

After this ruling, the election as supposed to be held on 26th Oct 2017 with only two and no more presidential candidates. Later on 10th Oct 2017 a few days before the election, Raila withdrew from the fresh polls saying that the process ordered to be carried on afresh by the court is still not under monitorship. The demands were not appropriately met even after previous results getting null and void. However, the withdrawal by Raila was not accepted by the election omission. The entire situation led to a divided nation with its mass knowing nothing about the truthfulness of the leaders.

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