International politics and international relations

Many confuse the concepts of international relations with that of international politics. International relations cover broader aspects of an international system that allows various nations to cooperate and share information to overcome global challenges like poverty, terrorism, or pandemics. Whereas International politics is regarded as a subset of International relations that involves nations using power to end any issue pertaining between the countries. Shortly, politics is a subject that has a presence of conflict or interest. Keep on reading to understand what makes both the items differ on concepts.

Difference International relations and International politics

International Relations

International relation is a subject that covers a broader area on the relationship or foreign affairs of nations. The connections that connect each country could be anything from political, cultural, economic, technical, or military and many more. It is important to note that international relations require nations who might have disagreements over their political principles, to cooperate amongst themselves to solve several global issues like trade and economics, environment, pandemics or terrorism.

In short, International relations allows nations to immigrate their citizens for better employment prospects in other countries, promotes relevant trade policies between nations despite political differences and most importantly encourages cultural exchanges which is crucial for advancing human cultures.

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International politics

In contrast to the definition of international relations, international politics concerns only with the political connections between the nations. It refers only to an aspect of international relations. The study of international politics revolves around the core concept of ‘power’. According to politics, power is both the means as well as the end. Struggle for power and protection of national interests are the significant aspects that characterize International politics.

Academically, International politics has a recent origin that led to its earning of the title, “youngest of all social sciences.” The discipline was introduced in the wake of emerging global terrorism, environmental concerns, violation of human rights, fluctuating economic order, and worsening negative impacts of globalization. International politics also concerns the reforming and restructuring of international organizations like UN, WTO, and IMF. In short, this discipline is the study or analysis of peace and political relations among different nations.

Differences apart, International politics is an indispensable part of international relations. The need for a separate component arose due to the arising reed for global peace and order.

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