Social Political Issues And Its Threats

The world is facing several social-political issues. It is also evident that these social-political issues influence international politics to a greater extent. These issues prevent the growth and development of a country. Political leaders must take severe measures so that they can combat these social issues in the right way. Social, political problems are also the greatest threat to International Politics. The following lists some of the critical social-political issues and its effects on international politics.

List of Social-Political Issues

Freedom of Speech: It is nothing but the freedom of expressing the thoughts and rights of individual people. It is a human right for a person to enjoy the freedom of speech. There seem to be issues related to this right. People or media are not allowed to express their views in public. This seems to be an important social-political issue.

Terrorism: It is the greatest threat and social-political issue faced by various countries in the world. It is illegal violence imposed against civilians and countries. Terrorists are the greatest threat to the peace and harmony of a country. Terrorist attacks kill innocent people all over the world. It is challenging for political leaders to fight against terrorism.

Immigration: Immigrants enter every other country due to various reasons. The population of immigrants continues to increase every year in several countries. Managing the immigrant population of a country seems to be a sensitive social-political issue.

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Unemployment: Countries across the globe suffer from an unemployment problem. People do not get appropriate jobs, and this hinders the economic development of a country. This is the main reason for poverty in many countries. Political reforms and policies can help to combat this social-political issue.

Abortion: This act of killing babies before their birth is prevalent in most of the countries in the world. Abortion takes place due to gender inequality, poverty or illegal relationships.

Racism: This is a common issue faced by people of other countries in a foreign land. Racism is based on the colour of people is common in most of the countries. Countries like America, Australia, New Zealand face these socio-political issues. Blacks in these countries are treated with indifference.

Plant Leaf In Two Different Variation - Representing Climate Change Due To Gloabal Warming Concept.

Climate Change: The rising population and increase in pollution have affected the climate to a greater extent. Global warming seems to create a great impact on the climatic conditions of countries across the globe. Extreme climatic conditions in several parts of the world are the greatest threat to people and other living organisms.

Social Political Issues Effect On International Politics

Social, political issues are a threat to international politics. International political leaders work together to fight against the above listed social-political issues. Social and liberty rights can help to secure countries from these issues.

Social Political Issues Effect On American Politics

The United States of America faces several social-political issues like abortion, LGBT, use of guns etc. All these issues are challenging to manage by the political leaders of America. This is because the social issues are closely related to the emotions and personal rights of the people. There is a need for policies and moratorium to fight against these social issues.

Americans consider abortion to be a fundamental right. Thus the laws in the country prevent illegal abortions after 20 weeks. It is the same with LGBT empowerment in the U.S. The U.S government also finds it difficult to manage with the immigrant population who enter their country.

The above rightly talks about the common social-political issues and their effects on international politics.

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