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After the election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States, there is a lot of political turmoil in the US due to the health care policy. The Republicans want to shelve Obamacare. The Affordable care act ACA or popularly known as Obamacare was implemented to bring a great revolution in health care. Be it its accessibility regarding Electronic Medical Record, costs or ease of availability to the patients. There were many changes to it and was considered as a significant change in healthcare and affected the political scenario, refer .

Donald Trump and many of his congressmen colleagues are against the ACA and want it repealed. With that, there will be another massive change in the healthcare services. Though there are changes to it how the whole scenario will play out is not completely known. The ACA when it came into force in 2010, many organization introduced many new programs and changed the way organizations worked. Many researchers are conducting studies on how the policies that are related to health care affect the patients. These policies which are supposedly for the people have a lot of political significance attached to it. There is a need for apolitical research to go on to know how it can change the lives of the patients. They should be able to understand what the policies stand for and how they impact people and also learn more about what is working and what is not working.

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Changes during ACA period: Signe Peterson Flieger who is a researcher who studies the impact of healthcare policies visited hospitals that were implementing the ACA and were applying the concept of medical home. These homes have the duty of treating the current condition but also ensure that there are no further issues due to the existing illnesses and also to work out the treatment with care providers. Signe went to these hospitals spoke to health care providers, administrators after having a look at the insurance and other details. She also asked them what they are doing differently than before and what came out from these discussions was that any reform needs a long time to become fruitful. Though the medical organizations got new programs only a part of the services were covered by ACA, and the other portion was still refunded using the old model.

People want to have more choices irrespective of who is in power. Patients with multiple ailments do not want to end up getting admitted if they don’t have to and the policies have to be more patient-oriented than otherwise. Flieger is of the opinion that the new government will put the focus back on consumers as they can choose what insurance they want from their money. It is to be seen is the policies of the new administration will put consumers in a bother as they will have to make some complicated decisions on health care. Researchers are looking at the impact these policies will have both on the providers and the consumers and if they can get the best possible care.

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