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The CEO of Black Rock, Mr. Larry Fink, has come out all guns blazing regarding his remarkably positive outlook on equities. He has criticized several steps on the part of investors who are readily selling stocks because of the bullish conditions that prevail.

What’s the status?

It must be noted that the share markets in the US are close to attaining their all-time highs. But Mr. Fink opines that the bull run is not dead yet and there is plenty of fuel left in the tank. Holding equities for the foreseeable future is the way to go as far as the views of the CEO are concerned.

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Full of praise

The CEO also went ahead and appreciated the innovations and modifications that have been brought about in the fiscal policy of the United States. He has praised the vision of the economic advisers because unlike many other nations, the US chose to focus not only on the monetary policy but also on the fiscal plans. Mr. Fink cites this as one of the prominent reasons that have created such a positive environment for equity investors.

There is room for more

Mr. Fink also said that investing in suitable stocks despite the present highs can go a long way in reaping profits. The trade negotiations between the US and China did not reach a favorable end leading to some upheavals in the S&P 500 in May.

However, June saw a roaring come back, which is an indicator of the probable accuracy in Mr. Fink’s statements. The high prices of most stocks should not serve as a deterrent to investors who want to get a chunk of the pie. It might be a smart ploy to wait for some correction in the markets before you decide to increase your stake in stocks that have outperformed the others.

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