What Does The Indo-US Relationship Promise For Job Seekers Looking For IT Jobs In USA?

Bridging the gap between Washington DC and New Delhi

The current political scenario in the US has been full of unexpected events, to say the least. As the new administration takes over, the world is waiting with bated breath about what will change and how the changes will impact US ties with the other countries.

President Donald Trump’s administration has doubled its efforts to bolster its relationship with India. During his administration, ex-President Barack Obama called the Indo-US ties a “defining partnership for the 21st century.” During his tenure, President Obama deployed several strategies to broaden and deepen the ties between the two nations.

Obama’s predecessor Trump enjoyed a modest relationship with Prime Minister Modi. His visit to India in 2020 elevated the relationship to a ‘comprehensive global strategic partnership”. But despite the cordial relationship, Trump’s administration took dramatic decisions that were tough on foreign job seekers.

But the good news is that things could change for candidates seeking IT jobs in USA once Joe Biden takes over the Oval Office.

Promise-laden bilateral economic deals and highlights of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

It is evident that in the coming decades, Asia will be the global leader for growth and India’s role will be prominent. Being one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia, India has immense potential to serve as a profitable market for US goods and services and to promote trade. India serves as an attractive market for US investors who can bring plenty of growth and employment opportunities for both countries.

There is one more key ingredient that could drive the economies of both nations in the coming years, and that is innovation. The Global Entrepreneurship Summit that was held in 2017 fostered more than 1500 young entrepreneurs from over 150 nations. A good majority of the entrepreneurs were from the US and India.

Promise-Laden Bilateral Economic Deals.

The GES acted as a great platform for entrepreneurs to attract investments for their startups. It also provided many job opportunities for aspiring candidates in multiple fields. With the Summit being powered by corporate giants like Google, CNBC, The Kauffman Foundation, and Amazon, it certainly gave India’s entrepreneurial sector the boost it needed.

The role of India-US connectivity in enhancing the job market

Check Out – It is no secret that it has always been in the interests of the US Government to forge greater economic ties with India, thus leveraging its position to create better opportunities for US firms. Connectivity between both nations is the lifeline for multiple aspects like:

  • Physical infrastructure.
  • Developmental and economic ties.
  • Energy security.
  • Improving job opportunities.
  • Addressing transnational threats.

With the US supporting and benefiting from improved connectivity with India, it could create profitable pathways where US-based innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors can contribute massively to India’s development. With stronger bilateral ties, both countries could see a major increase in the number of opportunities for employment and prosperity.

The US-India strategic partnership can also help to foster successful trilateral relationships with other countries like Japan and Sri Lanka.

2020: A big milestone for US-India ties

Donald Trump’s visit to India in early 2020 was a reconfirmation of the US-India strategic partnership. It also generated the blueprint for cooperation between both nations when the pandemic struck. From providing vital support for the vaccine development to strengthening Indo-Pacific security, it has been mutually beneficial for both countries. But in terms of job opportunities and education, the biggest blow came when Trump introduced a slew of unfavorable proposals that resulted in an unsteady visa regime.

An Image Representing The US-India Relationship.

His “Buy American Hire American” order and the wage hike rules initiated reforms that badly hit the Indian job seekers who were looking forward to promising careers in the US.

But fortunately, with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris taking over the mantle, things could change for the better.

What job seekers can expect from Joe Biden’s administration

For IT companies and IT job seekers, the environment is expected to become more stable under Joe Biden. Experts say that his government will revise immigration rules. Being from the Silicon Valley, Kamala Harris is expected to understand and support the need for exceptionally talented candidates for tech companies. The coming years could be laden with a whole lot of promises for Indian job seekers looking to make it big on the US turf.

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