Affiliate Marketing – Use An Autoresponder To Increase Sales

As an affiliate marketer you need to set yourself apart from all the other affiliates who may be vying for the same prospects. This is particularly true in some of the most hotly contested markets such as internet marketing, poker sites, dating and the like. So how does an affiliate set themselves apart, or better yet, above the competition so as to create more sales? They do it by using an autoresponder to collect the names and email addresses of their prospects. Simply sending people to your affiliate page is not enough to create sales. Depending on your market there may be several hundred, if not thousands, of other affiliates using the same pages.

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What makes you believe that someone seeing the same page for the hundredth time is going to make them want that product any more than the tenth time? The key is to offer a special report that focuses on how the particular product can solve a problem or fill a need that the prospect may have. A simple title like “The 5 Proven Ways Product XYZ Will Make Your Skin Look Younger” on a special report that leads to an opt-in page to an autoresponder will greatly increase your prospect list. Then take each of those five different aspects that you touched on in the report and break them down even further using each one as a separate follow up email to those that downloaded the special report. Have each email going out every other day for the first two weeks and you have an automatic salesperson working for you hands free.

By staying in constant contact with your prospects you build a sense of familiarity and trust with your list members. People like to buy from someone they know rather than a complete stranger. These autoresponders can be set up for any niche imaginable. An easy way to find material for your special report and autoresponder series is right on the sales page for the product you are promoting. Read through it and find the best sales points then combine them into a short report. Another great way to find info is to just do a search through your favorite search engine, gather some facts from several different sites and rewrite them into your report. Always remember though not to just copy someone else’s work. That is plagiarism and is illegal. But with a little so called leg work you can quickly compile enough info to keep your prospects coming back, build rapport and eventually grab the sale!

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