Who is a Content Moderator? And What are They Moderating?

What is Content Moderation?

Content moderation consists of monitoring and applying a predefined set of rules and guidelines to user-generated submissions best determine whether or not the communication (a publication, in particular) is allowed.

The content moderator is always on guard and maintains the online reputation of a company. They filter, monitor, and approve the content according to the site guidelines. A content moderator serves two main functions: protect and promote. Although filtering, monitoring, and supporting content sounds like an easy task, keep in mind that content comes in many forms, including articles, images, videos, and audio clips.

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What does a content moderator experience in the cause of their duty?

Some of the moderators share their experience after quitting their jobs. A year after leaving work and reviewing some of the most offensive content on the internet, some of them pray every week for the images they saw to be erased from their mind.

A moderator at first works as a contractor for YouTube; then for Twitter, they work on the upper floors of a mall in this traffic-laden Asian capital, where they spend every day up to nine hours pondering questions about the details of these images. Today they are always haunted by what they see. Entering a tall building triggers their mind on the suicides they reviewed, causing them to consider the possibility of jumping.

Workers such as content moderator are on the front lines of the never-ending battle to keep the Internet safe. In an interview conducted, they described content moderation as a workplace full of paranoia, nightmare, and common consequence. Many of them have said to have seen their colleagues suffer from mental depression and some attempt suicide. You can call them silent heroes because they protect people from this society.

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