Interrelation Between Maritime Industry and IT

Innovations to Look Out for Maritimes

The maritime industry is all set to grow at a rapid rate in the times to come. All players involved must remain on their toes if they want to book a place on the ship of profits. Fleet management has always been a problematic area for most ship companies. But the use of advanced equipment and smart management technology can give them the much-needed saving grace. It should be instrumental in enabling them to stand tall.

Giants are interested

The happiest piece of news that the maritime industry has received concerns the interest shown by companies like Google. It might come as a pleasant surprise to find out that Amazon is also vying for more significant stakes in the maritime industry. Some might be threatened, but the larger picture must be analyzed. The knowledge and technology brought by these companies can create a revolution which might change the face of the maritime industry forever.

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The advent of deep learning

Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have placed substantial emphasis on deep learning and artificial intelligence. The innovated and advanced GPUs of Amazon should find usage in the maritime industry in quick time. A suitable combination of AI and deep learning techniques designed for specific corporations seems to be the ideal way forward.

Maritime security and AI

It must be understood that the existing algorithms have handled maritime security quite well, but they do not appear sufficient for the future. Optimum use of AI in treating such facets might provide an effective solution leading to enhanced safety and security.

IoT in Industries

Tracking and monitoring of shipping containers using human resources have been minimized. Leading corporations have already made successful attempts to get it done with the help of IoT and AI technologies. Some glitches remain, but some modifications can make turn them into practically viable tools.

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