A Journey with Cecilla Qvist

Cecilia Qvist is the head of Spotify’s Global Market and is the brainchild of expanding the company to 17 new countries like Israel, Romania, Vietnam, Africa and the other Middle East.

Wondering what Spotify is? Well, unless if you are from another planet, then here’s the answer. Spotify is the Music Streaming Company launched in the year 2008. It created a new trend and changed the way people listen to music, offering millions of music and songs at their fingertips. 10 years on and today Spotify stands top in TIME’s Genius Companies and has 100 million subscribers and 217 active listeners. It has also spread its root to India, earlier this year introducing another 400 million users to their family.

Let’s take a look at an interesting chat with the brainchild, Cecilla Qvist about the company’s growth and other musical topics.

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The Interview

When asked about which music she is presently listening to, she replied with going back to catalog and that would be Fleetwood Mac. She is much interested in the playlist or the artist that’s trending. So it is Shawn Mendes’s Senorita.

It was asked which the most challenging operation Spotify had to face was? To which she replied India, as it is a big country with many languages. They had to research a lot because of the complexity and size of the market and also had to localize the narrative to appeal to the local audience.

Quist was questioned about how does she ensure about the offerings are culturally right and relevant before entering the new market? She replied, Spotify has more than 100 editor’s spread across the globe and gives direct information about the market from the ground.

Quist had introduced a unique Karaoke feature in Japan and that became a trendsetter and also educative to learn something new. Spotify also launched an Android app, as she saw the business expanding to not just market but also through networks.

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