General Knowledge Studies: A Must For Today’s Students

Importance Of General Knowledge For School Children

A broad knowledge base is important for success in many situations, and it helps you win almost everything in everyday life. General knowledge (GK) is critical for school students to achieve success in today’s society. It helps students develop a sense of self from an early age, which only broadens their outlook on the world as they grow older. Knowledge beyond the classroom syllabus will help children excel later in their personal and professional lives. This is precisely why CBSE affiliated schools in Chennai ( have General Knowledge as a vital part of their syllabus. It plays an instrumental role in the holistic development of children. You can also find out more about how GK as a separate subject helps to strengthen the student’s base for competitive exams.

Why GK Should Be A Part Of The School Syllabus

GK should be a mandatory part of the school syllabus because increased exposure to knowledge-based stimulants will give your child greater thinking ability. The early stages of your child’s development are critical to their future mental, social, and physical development and well-being. This is when they will gain general knowledge, social skills, emotional skills, reasoning skills, and thinking skills. Moreover, exposure to knowledge-based tonics will increase thinking ability, perception, knowledge, and interpersonal communication abilities.

Strengthening Student Base With GK As A Separate Subject

General knowledge is a broad topic that can cover a wide range of topics. It can be taught straightforwardly and should be simplified. However, it is taught as a graded subject in most schools only up to the sixth grade.

Fortunately, some of the best schools in Chennai have been demanding that it be taught as a primary subject. It is true that a General Knowledge learning plan allows children to learn in a way that does not feel like a traditional classroom. In fact, GK is taught as a separate subject in military schools for students in the XI and XII grades to help students prepare for competitive exams. Therefore, GK should be a separate subject for all students, including senior secondary classes.

Having GK as a separate subject strengthens the students’ knowledge base, as it covers many topics in one go. Besides, General knowledge is the main requirement for every competitive exam. Many general knowledge quizzes and olympiads are designed to assess a student’s knowledge and abilities. Hence, students should prepare to face these exams by gaining a comprehensive understanding of all subjects. They should be encouraged to take multiple-choice questions and descriptive type exam patterns to determine their level of knowledge.

General knowledge is critical to developing your child’s mental capabilities and will help your child in school and life. A child is like a sponge, ready to soak up all of the information presented to them. As a parent, you should have the sound general knowledge to assist your children with school projects and homework. It would be best to stay abreast with the latest trends to keep up with your children’s state of mind. Reading is the most effective way to increase your general knowledge. Constant reading allows for the expansion of one’s knowledge base.

Three students sitting on the table and watching a book which is kept by a boy sitting in the middle.

General knowledge can be divided into several categories, including arts and discovery, games and politics, culture, film, medicine, history, and other topics. It is a holistic subject that’s immensely beneficial for children and adults alike. General knowledge is important for everyone, from students to professionals to business owners to homemakers to retirees.

A solid base in GK allows children and adults to:

  • Overcome their fear of public speaking while addressing gatherings or elocutions.
  • Reinforce basic concepts and help students learn more about the subject.
  • Improve your performance in school, college, and competitive exams.
  • Give a straightforward opinion without beating around the bush.
  • Start a conversation and avoid awkward silences in social situations.
  • Understand the world around them and the ongoing events.
  • Make well-informed decisions in various situations,
  • Appear smart in many situations, especially in job interviews.
  • Make profitable investments and understand their rights as a consumer.
  • Develop a global perspective about various aspects like politics, climate change, etc.
  • Appear more fashionable in a social gathering.
  • Develop their self-confidence.
  • Win general knowledge quizzes and competitive exams.
  • Understand and analyse situations and handle them better.
  • Interact easily with people from various backgrounds.
  • Improve their overall personality and competitive spirit.


General knowledge is essential for your child’s development and success in school and life in today’s world. It is essential in today’s world, where cities are thriving multicultural metropolises.

When a child is in the initial learning phase, parents must work to raise their awareness of and general knowledge of the environment in which they live. To increase your child or student’s general knowledge, use bite-sized information that’s presented in an interesting, fun, and easy to understand manner. Besides, there are general knowledge learning classes available on youtube or the internet to help children learn. Also, there are many ways to acquire general knowledge, including reading, listening, and watching. GK is more than what is taught in textbooks. It is also important to teach your child about special days, important facts about one’s own country, and interesting science facts.

A little knowledge leads to more knowledge. Once your child has started on the learning path, they will continue on that path as long as they are interested. General knowledge will help your child develop a positive sense of self. It will instil confidence in your child’s self-esteem and self-esteem in others.

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