The Probable Upcoming Changes in Education

Is a Revolution in Education Around the Corner?

The importance of quality education can’t be exaggerated or overemphasized. In this day and age, its significance has become paramount. The Indian education system has come of age with the help of numerous advancements brought about technology. A child today will be a citizen tomorrow, and their evolution and understanding will determine the extent to which nations of the world progress and develop. The World Development Report for 2018 has addressed the problems and opportunities head-on by providing solutions and the current state of things.

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ILS for enhancements

The optimum use of Integrated Learning Systems can make a lot of positive difference to the way kids learn. Adopting technology without logic and reason is never the right way to move ahead, but ILS has proven its worth with practical results. By and large, rural and suburban schools have not kept up with the inevitable changes. Hence, promoting technology in general and ILS, in particular, is essential to ensure that children in these areas are not left behind.

The peculiar condition of the school system in India must be kept in mind when devising new learning techniques for students. A system that relies on digitization alone will not be a proper fit in the prevalent conditions. The fact is that India needs an optimum combination of digital and print material to educate kids. Integrated Learning Systems can get that done.

Formative assessments

The considerable reliance of institutions on end-term examinations that test retention power of students must be modified with formative assessments. It has to be understood that a single exam can’t check the aptitude and abilities of students. As a result, formative assessments must be given significance along with the existing examination and evaluation model. Use of regional languages can also be beneficial in ironing out substantial gaps in the system.

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