Latinos Lack National Leadership Voice

On Monday, November 15th 2010, the Bench Hispanic Center launched a brand-new report called National Latino Leader? The Task is Open. This essence of this report exposed that there is no agreement over a popular management voice representing the Latino neighborhood in America today. Inning accordance with the research study, “Latinos were asked in an open-ended concern to call the individual they think about ‘the most crucial Latino leader in the nation today,’ almost two-thirds, 64% of Latino participants stated they don’t know and 10% stated that “no one”. These portions expose that 74% of the Latino population is not sure or a minimum of uninformed of a nationwide Latino leader. The outcomes of the survey report were really disappointing. The below is the remaining results other than 74% who have no idea about their leader.

– 7% assistance for Sonia Sotomayor, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
– 5% idea of Luis Guiterrez, U.S. Agent from Illinois
– 3% discussed Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa
– And, 2% selected news anchor, Jorge Ramos of Noticiero Univision

These Latinos have liberal propensities and inhabit “institutional” and “regional” workplaces which would not attract a nationally varied Latino population. In this situation, the following are some major concerns which need to be clarified.

– Is it time for the Latino neighborhood to have a nationwide voice promoting them similar to the African American neighborhood has Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and leaders of the National Association of the Improvement of Colored Individuals (NAACP)?

– Latinos comprise the biggest minority with a 15% share of the United States population, does this figure need representation today?

– Are Latinos pleased with voices “outdoors” of our ethnic neighborhood, and do not need a nationwide voice from within at this minute?

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The current mid-term elections moved 3 prospective Latino voices onto the nationwide scene: Senator-elect Marco Rubio from Florida; Susan Martinez, Governor-elect from the state of New Mexico, and Brian Sandoval, Governor-elect from the state of Nevada.

– Marco Rubio is the child of Cuban immigrants and a tested conservative. A concern emerges whether Mexicans who comprise most of Latinos in the United States can rely on Rubio to represent their requirements in Congress specifically in the location of migration reform?

– Susan Martinez, a conservative and a native born resident of El Paso, Texas. Could Martinez, as a native born resident of the United States, interest the big Mexican population living in the Southwest area to galvanize a decent nationwide following with strong sensations versus amnesty?

– Brian Sandoval, a native-born person of Northern California, is possibly too remote from the present varied makeup of the Latino population which has the tendency to be more bi-cultural in nature speaking Spanish as their mother tongue.

These voices will take a while to hold sway amongst a growing and varied Latino population.

One person had not pointed out in Seat’s research study is Rev. Sammy Rodriquez who commands the National Hispanic Christian Management Conference (NHCLC), the biggest Hispanic evangelical group in the country, representing over 25,000 churches with a cumulative population of 16 million. Rev. Rodriquez was just recently included on the cover of October’s edition of Charm publication an evangelical periodical. In my viewpoint, Rev. Rodriquez has more possible than anybody discussed in Seat’s report. Even 3 of the recently chosen Latino, to have a nationwide voice. He has actually consulted with members of both celebrations in Congress and takes part in White Home rundowns on social justice, Latino and worthy problems. As a matter of truth, Rev. Rodriquez has actually been a routine voice on CNN, Fox News and other nationwide media outlets promoting for migration reform; safeguarding over 12 million undocumented Latinos. As a nationwide voice for migration reform, he has the very best possibility of becoming our country’s management voice for the Hispanic neighborhood. Rev. Rodriquez is possibly the very best concealed in the Latino neighborhood.

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