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Best books about International Politics

Are you searching for books about international politics? Well, we have shared a list of books that will help you get into the International Relations field. We have prepared this list with three principles in mind- breadth, non-paradigmatic texts, and readability. We have given first importance to books that are simple to read and understand. Secondly, we trust the American opinion of International Relations when it comes to debates between Constructivism, Liberalism, and Realism. Thirdly, we have focused on breadth covering a wide variety of topics associated with the field of International Relations.

List of books about international relations/international politics

1. The Better Angels of our Nature by Steven Pinker

This book is more about anthropology or sociology than international politics. The author has put a solid dedication and effort to prepare this long time downwards trend in the use of violence. The writer has associated the decline in conflict to various key ideas of international relations- the pacifying result on trade, the modern nation-state rise, the increasing attention given to human rights, and the rise of universal civil society. Though certain claims exist to provoke controversy, the book offers significant macro-historical related background for the remaining books.

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2. The Great Transformation by Karl Polyani

Here, in this book, the author claims that markets do not exist in space, however, they are embedded in cultural and social cultures. Karl argues that one should not recognize the market societies rise and nation-state creation as separate events as they are inextricably bound together. The powerful central government has developed the markets along with them. It was previously dominated by local people but now by the government.

3. Man, the State and War by Kenneth Waltz

It is an all-time classic. The author has explained various theories of war that are locating them according to the state’s characteristics, man’s nature, or the radical international system. However, Waltz provides incisive assessments of levels of analysis.

Guns, Germs & Steel - A Book By Jared Diamond.

4. Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond

The author has combined macro history and biology in a new fashion clarifying why tiny differences in agronomy, population, climate, and other things have offered different effects on the development of human societies as well as a long time balance of power.

5. The tragedy of great power politics by John Mearsheimer

In this book, John explains why good states indulge in various bad activities, why bad incidents occur to good individuals, etc. It is well written and quite a controversial book.

6. Perception and Misperception in International Politics by Robert Jervis

It is a single guide that shows how psychology can notify us about present world politics. The book has covered a lot of historical facts and information which no one would know.

7. Sensible Politics- Visualizing International Relations by William A. Callahan

Visual pictures are seen all over in international politics. How is it possible to understand them? Well, in this book, the author has utilized his expertise in filmmaking and theory to discover what visuals mean and also how visuals associate us in emotional groups of sense and move viscerally. The author has briefly analyzed visual images like art, film and photographs, and visual artifacts like cyberspace, gardens, veils, and maps. He has also explained how important scholarship requires to push one more than problems of security and identity to escalate the original politics of world ordering and social ordering.

Here in this book, sensible politics does not mean sensory. It looks more than ideology and icons to the touching politics of the day to day life. It provides a unique approach to politics letting you think visually and also feels and acts creatively and visually for a wide appreciation of politics.

8. Current Debates in International Relations

It is recommended for introductory courses. When you read the book’s second edition, it presents you with more than 40 readings derived from important scholarly newspapers, journals, and magazines including the Wall Street Journal, International Relations, Foreign Policy, and Foreign Affairs. It offers students a comprehensive selection of articles applied or practical and theoretical or classical and takes them through several important international problems providing complementary and contending approaches.

9. Fight to live, live to fight by Benjamin Schrader

The author has explained US domestic and foreign policies after the 9-11 incident. He talks about the activism that military veterans have been engaged in. Though veterans are most showcased as an issue for society, the author shares progressive, productive, and positive activism where the veterans should engage in.

Some of the other best books associated with International Relations or Politics are Winners Take All – The Elite Charade of Changing the World, Putin V. the People- The Perilous Politics of a Divided Russia, The Korean Paradox- Domestic Political Divide and Foreign Policy in South Korea, etc.

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