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The previous year international politics saw no remarkable benefits as per the World Political News
. The crisis in the global order was a great concern by many top political leaders. However, we cannot just blame a month or a year behind the frenzy happening all around in international politics. Instead, it is a few courses of incidences that encourage unexpected conditions in international politics. Back in 2016 when Brexit took place, Trump got elected as the president and the Peace Agreement was denied in Colombia, it all started falling apart a bit. In the past one year going by the World News, we see only one thing strengthening, and that is the feeling of Nationalist ideologies.

Amidst all this chaos relief came when Geert Wilders triumphed in Netherlands and Marine Le Pen in France all of a sudden. Their victories were taken plausibly by the masses. Moving on to 2018 again, the year is hopefully going to bring some good news for the world. The year is especially crucial because it is a year of elections. May countries are supposed to have their presidential election this year such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Paraguay, and Venezuela. In Europe also there are going to be many elections such as in the Czech Republic and Hungary.

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Putin is not staying behind from renewing his presidential mandate soon in March. Raul Castro of Cuba has announced that he is going to leave the Presidency soon. It is, therefore, a significant year for geopolitical events. The tear is not falling short of news from the political world. War news was taken by storm recently after North Korea did things that were not appreciated by other counties. After the behavior, Trump promised to destroy North Korea entirely if they carry on with their outrageous and careless behavior. However, no war is expected between the US and North Korea as of now.

Experts tell that though the situation might get rough, China is not going to let war happen. China is a business-oriented company and will never make its neighboring countries fall apart just like that. After several pieces of news about Trump’s impeachment, it looks like he will still be the President of America until the end of 2018. Trump’s election has remained questionable always. Tough, pieces of evidence have not been able to prove the wrong that happened during the election campaign in 2016, but there are things that might involve anybody from his son in law to the Russian Government.

The talks about Brexit has retaken its storm this year as its future seems pretty unpredictable now. The EU and the UK agreed upon a few deals for which the UK had to ask for a grace period for fulfillment. Things like the money UK owes to the EU now, Northern Irish citizenships, the rights of the Irish and the porous frontier that exists between Northern Ireland and Ireland. The fate of Brexit seems pretty shaky. Let us see what Government reforms take up to manage the crisis UK is in currently.

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