Women in Politics – What can they wear?

Though there is no set rule for what people can wear in politics, yet politicians prefer to keep it decent. Men wear a suit and women wear an outfit which looks professional with accessories like stylish diamond rings. Women politicians have their job cut out when it comes to considering what to wear and what not.Check this link to know more https://www.forbes.com/sites/shelliekarabell/2016/01/16/dressing-like-a-leader-style-tips- for-women-in-the-spotlight/2/#2bed20f95099. They have to look beautiful as well as regent, confident and not authoritarian.

Consider your age while dressing: Most women leaders come to this status when they are in their mid 40’s or 50’s. So she has to dress as per her age, that does not necessarily mean she should look motherly. Women make the blunder of trying too hard to hide their age and turn up looking like someone who is poorly dressed. Women should also not overdo the suit and end up looking like a shrewd business person always. These are the days of experimentation, and a women leader has to mix and match her attire and look her age and be comfortable in what she wears. She should have her style and include slacks and casual attire instead of always wearing suits with skirts or pants. It is also critical that you have an image and you should be well groomed, people follow leaders who are well groomed rather than being a fashionista.

Balance: For a women leader getting the right looks is critical. You should strive for a look that is a balance between looking good and looking regent. Apart from your dressing sense, you should also care for your hair, skin, and makeup. Your hair and skin should look radiant, and the makeup should be not gaudy. The dress you wear should be crisp and clean and match it with some beautiful accessories to look sexy as well as powerful.

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Don’t have to be trendy: People prefer women who look fashionable but not trendy. The fabric, design, and tailoring should be classic and perfect and should be timeless and not stick to a particular trend.The dress you wear should not be cheap but neither should it be too expensive to look to invest in clothes the money you can afford and not by overspending. There are certain colors which are a big no as per leading fashion designers, and yellow is one among them. Shades of blue, red and black are a popular choice and send out a clear message of leadership to people.

Dress for the occasion: Everyone including a leader should dress according to the event she is visiting and the environment you are in. Research a little on the kind of clothes to wear before you attend the function. If it is a casual show then wear jeans with a jacket, informal get-togethers means you can team up with jeans and a t-shirt. If it is a business meeting, then wear a suit with a skirt or a pant.

Any attire that you are comfortable and looks good on you and projects the right image is a good one for a women leader. The key is not to look cheap but to look decent and compelling so that people do not judge you by your dress but by what you do.

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