Views of Chinese Expert On India’s Strategy In Preventing Covid-19

The entire world is combating the spread of Covid-19. Each country has come up with its strategies to prevent the spread of the pandemic. India has come up with a long term strategy to handle the current situation. China’s top infection expert Zhang Wenhong has commented on the measures taken by the Indian government to tackle the current pandemic situation. Zhang Wenhong is working in Huashan Hospital as the director heading the department of Infectious Disease in Shanghai. He played a crucial role in framing the Covid-19 prevention strategy in China.

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India Follows The Similar Trend With the U.S In Covid-19 Spread

With community spreading happening in many countries of the U.S and Europe, India is about to follow the same trajectory. There seem to be signs of community transmission in most of the states of India. According to Zhang Wenhong said that the overall situation in India could be compared with the U.S in matters of Covid-19 spread and control measures taken. The control measures in each of the states of the U.S is different. Some states have relaxed the restrictions, and some are still under complete lockdown. With the lockdown in effect in all the states in India, the country must come up with specific strategies and policies to improve its economy.

A Doctor Holding A Test Kit For COVID-19 Disease.

India Follows A Long Term Strategy

Zhang Wenhong appreciates the long term strategy followed by India to control the spread of Covid-19. The testing approach initiated in the country also seems to be a wise decision, said the infection disease expert. It is very true that in a democratic country, it is not possible to impose a complete and strict lockdown like China. Zhang Whang accepts that the one-size fit approach in the current pandemic situation would be of no use. Every country must frame strategies based on its national conditions. He also feels that the U.S strategy would work out for a country like India.

Indians Possess Spiritual Immunity

According to Zhang Wenhong, the global pandemic is under control. Though the Covid-19 cases reported are high, the death rate is quite less. He was further amazed to know that Indian possess spiritual immunity and this helped them to manage the current situation peacefully and calmly.

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