The Popularity of Trump In India Vs His Trade Policies

Indo-US relations have seemed to be good for several years. During the recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the U.S, the relationship between the two countries has further strengthened. Both countries have entered into new trade agreements to improve the economy of both countries. Donald Trump, the President of the U.S, has gained popularity among the people of India. The upcoming visit of the U.S president is of significant importance as it would emphasis on escalating tariffs. The following article talks about the familiarity of Trump in India. It also gives a clear picture of the Indian’s stand on the trade policies of the U.S president.

The Familiarity of Trump In India

The President of the U.S, Donald Trump, is indeed popular among Indians from the year 2016. Indians got to know about Donald Trump ever since his candidacy in the year 2016. The popularity of Trump is mainly because Indians believe in his policies on world affairs. The confidence of Indian people in the U.S president is likely increased from 14% in the year 2016 to 56% in the year 2019. Thus nearly 58% of the Indian population trust Trump for his initiatives on world affairs. It is said that most of the people in India offer opinions on the U.S president.

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Trump Loses Confidence On Trade Tariff and Foreign Policies

Trump announced an increase in tariff on imported goods from other countries. This resulted in a decrease in the popularity of the U.S President. Trump loses confidence among the Indians for the foreign policies approved by him. Nearly 48% of the Indian population lost faith in his trade policies, and they disapproved of it. Further, the aluminium and steel tariffs were expanded in the U.S. This resulted in India being stripped off from the trading partner status. The Indian government came up with retaliatory tariffs counter to the U.S.

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu Secretly Talking To The American President Donald Trump.

Greenfield is nothing but a type of investment where a company establishes its operation in other countries. One such Greenfield investment of the U.S is the Harley-Davidson motorcycles. It is an American company functioning at Bawal in India. Nearly 24 % of the Indian population believe in this type of investment. Most of the people in India do not accept the policy of a foreign company purchasing an Indian company. They feel that it can create a negative impact on the nation.

How U.S and Chinese Economy Impacts Indian Economy?

The U.S visit this year is mainly targeted to strengthen its relationship with India. This would help the U.S manage the influence of the Chinese economy. Nearly 62 % of the Indians prefer to have a strong economic relationship with the U.S rather than with China. Indians feel positive on the strengthened relations with the U.S. Most of the Indians regard that the Chinese economy can influence their country in a negative way. Thus India considers the U.S as its trade partner and China as a threat to its economy.

The above article discusses the popularity of the U.S president among the Indians. It also details the trade and foreign policies followed by the U.S in India.

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