Revolution with digital billboards

Digital Billboard Revolution 

India’s rich and diverse tradition has always attracted awe and admiration from people across the globe. The recent display of a great digital billboard in the famous Times Square, New York to celebrate the foundation stone laying of historic Ram temple in Ayodhya is an exemplar display of love shown towards one of the oldest and the richest cultures in the world. The day was also celebrated in the capital city with mobile digital billboards mobilizing digital images of Ram temple around the town.

The Indian American community celebrated the grand day with utmost grandeur and devotion. The digital billboards added to sheen and opulence to the whole event with giant billboards illuminating the busy streets with images adored devotedly by every Indian. This is not the first time India’s rich tradition is being recognized on a global scale. India’s attempt to bring Yoga in a worldwide platform was attained with the UN declaring June 21 as the International Yoga day.  An overwhelming response to India’s rich tradition was evident during the International Yoga Day in 2015, when a whopping 177 countries participated in the 35minutes yoga exercise worldwide. 

World’s most gigantic billboard of Lord Shri Ram 

Digital billboards Las Vegas are fast gaining prominence because of their high quality displays and the unique ability to have it controlled from the remote. Large digital billboards have always fascinated motorists because of their mammoth structure as well as the high definition displays that capture the attention of the audience no matter what. August 5, 2020, witnessed one of the largest high definition displays of lord Shri Ram and the proposed temple in the busy broadways of Time square, New York. The exhibition is regarded as one of the most expensive billboard advertising at Time Square. Click Here – To Know About Our Indian Flag To Be Hoisted For 1st Time At Times Square After Billboard Show Of Ram Mandir.

Lord Ram Mandir ka Billboard Shines At Iconic Times Square Amidst Bhajans And Jai Shri Ram.

The display was to celebrate the foundation stone laying for Lord Ram temple at Ayodhya by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The digital billboard depicting the temple began at 10 am that extended through the day and ended at 10 in the night. Apart from the vast digital billboards, several mobile billboards and other billboards were taken on lease to display the chant “Jai Shri Ram”, every time the temple was displayed on the massive billboard. The Indian American community had spent an astonishing amount to beam the portraits at the busy New York intersection, and it is estimated that each display amounted up to thousand dollars a day.

Happiness knew no bound for the organizers who believed that the luxury was without any expectation and that this represented a proud moment for India and all Indians. The digital display stood eight stories tall, with 24 million LED pixels giving the presentation the highest resolution.  Images of Lord Ram, and 3D portraits of the proposed Ram Temple in Ayodhya, were the central theme displayed on the grand billboards on August 5, 2020. Hundreds of volunteers supported the event across the country who worked round the clock to collect funds to make this event one of the best in history. Indians who have been residents here for the past several decades acknowledged that the events like this helped them to stay connected to their roots and motivated patriotism.

An Image Representing The Celebration of Las Vegas For Bhoomi Pooja Of Lord Shri Ram Temple In Ayodhya.

Celebrations across America 

The foundation laying ceremony was held with great vigour and enthusiasm across the world. The daylong celebration was marked with lighting earthen lamps in Time Square with every Indian dressed in their best traditional attires and exchanging lots of sweets and savouries. With the pandemic disrupting many significant celebrations, scores of online events kick-started to mark this important day. Apart from the grand digital display at the Times Square, Indians across the globe celebrated the day at their homes performing pujas and lighting diyas. A few chose to stay awake during the entire ceremony and watched it online. Indian communities in America were all praise for spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who they believed, played a significant role in realizing this grand dream for Hindus. Grand ceremonies and prayers were held across the temples in the country as well.

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