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Click to play – “Endorsements” Jim Slattery began airing a new radio ad today highlighting the endorsements he has received from Kansas newspapers. Slattery has received endorsements from the Kansas City Star, the Wichita Eagle, the Hays Daily News, and the Garden City Telegram. The endorsements are noteworthy because the papers had endorsed Sen. Pat Roberts in previous elections.

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The Kansas City Star said:

  • “It’s time for some Kansas accountability.”
  • “Kansas voters want to see less partisanship and better judgment in Washington.”
  • “Roberts has made serious mistakes . . .Slattery has a greater sense of fiscal responsibility than Roberts.”
  • “Jim Slattery presents a better choice. He offers clear, forward-looking thinking.” In their endorsement of Slattery, the Wichita Eagle said:
  • “Roberts should be held accountable for his smear tactics this election.”
  • “Slattery is a common-sense, middle-of-the-road Kansan who believes in fiscal responsibility and working across party lines to solve problems.”
  • “Roberts doesn’t deserve re-election.” And the Hays Daily News summed it up saying:
  • The country is a mess right now. Jim Slattery represents a fresh start. Slattery’s ad is a sharp contrast to a radio ad Roberts began running yesterday touting his endorsements. Roberts’ ad uses select lines from endorsements from the Johnson County Sun, the Salina Journal, the Hutchinson News, and the Pittsburg Morning Sun, but omits the criticism leveled at Roberts by the same papers in the same endorsements. In the ad, an announcer quotes the Johnson County Sun as saying: “The work he does is first rate,” but omits the opening lines: “Pat Who? We rarely see our senatorial ghost.” The radio ad also quotes the Salina Journal as saying: “We don’t have room to mention all the benefits Roberts has brought to Kansas,” but omits a previous sentence: “There are negative aspects to spending all those years in Washington. We are concerned about Roberts losing his independence.” The Roberts’ ad quotes the Hutchinson News as saying: “The Senator has done much for Kansas,” but again omits the first half of the sentence: “For all Roberts failures on national issues.” Finally, the announcer quotes the Pittsburg Morning Sun as saying: “Kansas would be best represented by Pat Roberts,” again omitting the opening lines of the editorial: “We believe this race is a difficult one in which to endorse. We like many of the proposals presented by Jim Slattery.” Despite his accomplishments during his 40 years in Washington, Sen. Roberts is an absent senator who has made serious errors in judgment over the last six years. Slattery will bring much needed change to Washington and help lead our country in a new direction.

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