Modi-Trump Duo Harming The India & US Relationship

The world’s largest democracies, instead of being exemplary models, turn out to be silly kids playing in the mud trying to spread whatever they step on to wherever they go. That is the story of the India & US Relationship in simple words. Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi tries to push nationalist propaganda which is wholly against the idea of the nation’s democratic, sovereign and republic stature. This is synchronous with the President of The United States of America, Mr. Donald Trump. He tries to push nationalism as his agenda in a democratic country. Ironically, these selfish political principles do not appear in parallel with the nation’s underlying codes of operation.

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History Repeats As A Pattern

Both the leaders have a dark past, and when it repeats, it is sad to watch the people of the country suffer. India & US Relationship dates back years, and this has been kept in the good books of many countries as a gold standard in democracy. Trump and his racist agenda tried to remove migrants, Muslims and non-whites from the nation. There have been similar Hindutva propagandas by the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The BJP Ministers always drive around this racist-nationalist idea.

The citizenship amendment act of 2019 was evidence of this hidden agenda that was in store for a few years since the Modi government took charge of the country. The law enables non-muslim immigrants from nearby countries to gain citizenship easier. Now that is a phenomenal flaw in the system that might divide the country into smaller parts. Democracy means the nation and its people have a say over the government that rules them. But unfortunately, when the whole institution turns on them, their mere existence becomes a painful experience on its own.

The Kashmir issue and reverting its status as one of the harshest actions ever taken by the government of India. This was followed by an internet and telephone blackout in the state, the largest one ever in the history of the country. All of these actions led the followers of Modi to lead a religious riot between the Hindus and Muslims in New Delhi. This was in parallel to Trump’s India visit outlining the democratic principles of the United States and India.

Growth Of India In The Background Of Indian Flag.

Trickle Down Effect On The Indian Economy

To see what chaos broke loose in India due to the non-secularism in Modi’s approach, one could analyse the nation’s economy. The India & US Relationship has increased the dogmatic thoughts in the minds of citizens of both these mega nations. It is hard for the real majority to stay calm despite all the havoc being created around them. And that is what affects the entire string of balance in the nation and thereby hampers its economy. Whatever is built around the nation is because of its economy, and this is one crucial fact that the decision-makers of the country have overseen.

India is projected to become one of the top superpowers in the near future. By the way the economy is stooping downwards, it seems that this might be the worst future a nation can foresee. Modi’s nationalist propaganda is one of the top economic risks predicted for 2020. This is the same for America’s racist movement in fear of foreigners settling down in the states. Trump and Modi have this one thing in common, the priority of narcissism over the common good.

What The Near Future Looks Like

Trump has a hidden agenda besides nationalising his country. And this is the hatred towards the growing superpower, China. To be told, India & US Relationship may have a downside as Trump is trying to draw a shared hostility towards China in making allies making allies for an impending war not far into the future

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