Different Types Of Roller Shutters And Its Applications

Roller Shutters For Residential And Commercial Space

Roller shutters are the safest door and window shutters you can use for commercial and residential properties. It is also known as roller doors or overhead doors. It consists of a section of horizontal bars or slats that are hinged together. You need to raise the door from the bottom up and close it by pulling it down from the top. Roller shutters are mainly used as doors for garages and retail stores and can also secure windows. A leading roller shutter supplier in Singapore supplies motorised shutters mainly used for large-sized doors and windows. Roller shutters come in different forms and sizes. You need to assess your requirement before getting the shutter done. Many suppliers do shutters for both commercial and residential projects.

Different Types Of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are made of galvanised, cold-rolled steel or aluminium that is powder-coated to last long. Different types of roller shutters serve different purposes. Some of the main types of shutters are:

Manual Shutter: These shutters are operated manually. It has a gear drive that helps in the opening and closing mechanisms. The shutter is operated using a winding handle to open and close the door. The manual tape type has a tape drive that flanges around the roller, traced using a pulley.

Integrated Shutter: It is used in windows, wherein both the shutter and the window is made into a single unit.

Electric Shutter: The roller of the shutters can be fitted with motors, and it can operate automatically using the automatic system.

Shutter with Tilting Laths: This type of shutter is similar to Venetian blinds/. It has a plank that will tilt as you close and open.

An Image Showing The Types Of Roller Shutters That Allows Air To Flow Through.

Grill Rolling Shutters – these are ideal for shops and showrooms and used as a part of display windows. It is best for ventilation and security purposes. It is made of round steel bars and can also be motorised for smooth and simple operations.

Push/Pull shutters – These are standard manual shutters that are highly durable and has low maintenance. It gives better protection than other types of shutters. This type of shutter is ideal for use in warehouses, garages, shops and retail stores.

Perforated Shutters: It is the most practical and economical option for shutters. It is great for small as well as large openings like the shop fronts and display areas. It has interlocking steel laths that are perforated and allows good ventilation, view and better security. It is locked using steel or plastic locks. It provides a perfect balance of protection, display and visual appeal.

Built-in/Built-on Roller Doors – In the Built-in type, the shutter box is built above the window, whereas in the built-on type, the shutter box is fixed in the exterior of the building façade.

An Image Showing The Various Applications Of Roller Shutters.

Roller Shutters – Applications And Benefits

There are many benefits of using a roller shutter. The many benefits are:

  • A shutter protects from wind, rain and dust.
  • It protects pets and kids from leaving home and keeps the house safe from other intruders.
  • Roller shutters offer a serene view of the building.
  • When placed in front of windows and doors, you can prevent your premises from vandalism and burglaries.
  • When made with good quality materials, it can last longer without the need for much maintenance.

Check Out Here – to know more about the roller shutters. Roller shutters can be used for different purposes. For instance, it is used as doors for garages, warehouses, schools and colleges. It is also used as the secured doors for prisons. Vanity vans and food vans can have shutter doors and windows that give the best protection, insulation and avoid any damages caused due to extreme weather conditions. Roller shutters are widely used in places where there are extreme weather conditions. In many countries, the local government offers subsidies to ease installing these shutters due to their many benefits. You can contact a roller shutter supplier who can give you more information about the application, benefits and installation of roller shutters.

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