Design Trends For 2021 – Observations From A Design School

What is product development?

Product development is how new products are designed, developed, and introduced. The process involves a human-centred approach, a business and design strategy team, and a design and engineering team. The process usually involves transforming the solution into something manufactured, reliable, and within budget.

The product development process is divided into three stages: research, design and solution. Three stages of product development are required to complete the first trend, agile hardware development, which is similar to agile software development. The leading design school that offers the best product design courses in Chennai observes many new trends that can add value to product design in 2022. And those who work in the product design industry should be aware of these emerging trends. Find out more.

7 Product design trends to watch out in 2022

In 2022, product design will be focused on meeting the needs of new and evolving consumers. This applies to the design of physical products and the user experience and interface of digital products, such as websites and apps. Simply put, products will be designed with a personal connection in mind. This will reduce friction and make digital products more engaging and productive. Hand-drawn elements on products, websites, and logos help consumers connect more with the product.

Product development firms are increasingly outsourcing product development to keep costs low. As products become smarter and more connected, they become more complex to design and manufacture. And when products become more complex, hardware and software development must be considered to ensure that the product functions properly. Top product design colleges in Chennai take cognisance of these trends and are adapting technology to their curriculum. Here is a detailed insight into the trends that will make product design more innovative in 2022.

Additive manufacturing

Product designers can now conceptualise a product before building a mock-up, thanks to 3D CAD modelling. Additive manufacturing is becoming more common in international product design and construction.

Artificial Intelligence

Technology giants like Apple have already incorporated artificial intelligence into their products, such as the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 takes better photos than previous generations, and the screen illuminates when you lift your phone. Similarly, voice assistants are already used in ovens, microwaves, automobiles, and refrigerators.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality can be used to visualise products and reduce the margin for error by engaging with products early in the design process. Augmented reality will enable global collaboration in product design and make it possible for anyone to develop a product at any stage.

Product design catalogue of a furniture company

Single source design partners

Single-source product design firms will be regarded as the most dependable and sought-after product design partners. Single-source companies are the preferred partners in international product design.

Environment and health-friendly

In 2022, buyers will be more health-conscious. This demand will likely impact product design and ideas. Consumers today place a high value on environmentally friendly products and packaging that contain only safe and healthy ingredients. To meet customers’ needs, product design must be integrated into people’s daily lives. This means that products must be interoperable, part of powerful ecosystems, and produced following the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Consumer engagement

In 2022, consumers will be looking for products that streamline tasks and make life simpler. Client engagement is a popular product development trend. Clients are engaged at various stages throughout the product development cycle, and sometimes they have only a vague idea of what they want.

Involving a fused team or a consulting firm

The fusion of two or more teams to expedite the process of product development. This requires a fused team that can run many sprints and quickly determine whether or not the product prototype meets the desired criteria. When a company is working on the same product for a long period, it can be difficult to think outside the box. Consulting firms can help businesses see the market with new eyes. Most companies do not test their products externally, which is another way consulting firms can add value.

Minimalism and simplicity are characteristics of the contemporary era. In the future, these trends will undoubtedly help more adaptable design products.

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