Deaf Man Blames Florida Theater Did Not Allow Him To See Lion King

A night of fun turned embarrassment and demeaned to a specially-abled man, named Tyson Angell in Pinellas County, Fla. Tyson is a deaf man, who like any ordinary person wanted a fun and exciting night went on a movie with his girlfriend to watch Lion King in the Pinellas Park Theatre. But a fun night very soon turned a night of dreaded and horrible for the couple. And they became involved in a disaster that they would not be forgetting very soon.

The happy couples were very excited to watch Lion King at the theatre and after a lot of research, they chose the theatre that offers close caption eyewear (CC). It is a specially designed glass that displays caption over the scene in bright letters for the deaf community.

How Tysonn Angell managed to watch Lion King?

When the couple sat down to watch the movie, they found out that the glasses were not working. So he after an hour struggle exchanged it for another set of glasses and tried for another relaying of the movie.

The third set of glasses also had problems like blinking, beaming in and out and blurry and the words kept dancing and would not stay on the screen. In the end, they had to miss the movie. The couple did get the refund but did not accrue any apology.

Tyson felt crazy and it was very surprising to him. He felt dissatisfied with the company for the way the situation was handled. His girlfriend said that they were not given the right tools and thus had to go home without watching the movie.

The theatre had clearly mentioned on their website that close caption is being offered to the deaf community and the couple also made sure to recheck with the theatre about the availability of the glasses. Even after the confirmation, they were not given the right glasses.

The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 states that CC is a must in every theatre and staff should also be trained in that equipment. Meanwhile, the couple just wishes that no more people should be denied the entertainment as they were denied off.

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